Rotoflex Pizza Oven for Sale

Currently in use in our store in CT. Looking to remove in the coming months. Call me on my cell if you are interested and would be happy to send pics. Approx 7yrs old and have all maintenance records and over $40K invested. First 10K takes it!

do you still have this?

nope gone for only $4500

holy cow! Dam! well can I asked how you liked the oven. Looking to possibly change

it was a better alternative to traditional decks that allowed to pump out some good volume but we outgrew it once peak hours hit 100+ pie hours. If you do a tradional tossed pie and cook on screen or stone that you will love it, but we do a pan pizza and decided to switch to conveyor

cool thanks for the info looking to get a new oven my dam Morreti Forni keeps having parts go out. already $3000 deep this year. I wish we did 75 pizzas a day let alone 100 an hour! you are kicking butt!!

I have a rotoflex 48 IN sw texas, asking 13,500, this works for you, My place has become a nightclub and dont need this big an oven, works and cooks great

If it was summer and the cash flow was there I would. Maybe I can speak to the bank about a credit line. Is it a deck or stainless cook top? Also how old is it?

Age: I am not sure think can be read from serial no, I 'd say about 7 yrs, but in use only 5; Of those 2 were at a low volume place that closed and I the 3 ys I have run it 5 hr /day for 4 days a week, really low volume.
It has 4 decks 3 are metal and 1 is stone deck (but you can purchase inserts if you desire to change) , I cook on metal with screens then finish crust “naked” on bottom deck to get brown, crispy bottom :slight_smile:

I could hold it for you for 30 days with a $3,000 deposit, also a leasing company will probably work with you.

I am interested, please e mail me at…thank you

I am very interested, please e mail me at

Any of these still for sale

I still have rotoflex 48,

Roy 830-765-7675

The phone number was answered by a Spanish speaking only person

Pls text me and I will call back, or send me your number , Roy.

FYI; Another person is interested just trying to figure out installation details.