Hey guys. I’m in the middle of my week off, trying to keep the pizza shop out of my mind. I’m spending time at my beach house on the jersey shore. As would most of you, I pop in and out of all the pizza shops, looking for ideas, what to do, what not to do. One thing I keep coming across is the rotoflex. This oven looks awsome. Anybody using it? It seems like everyone down here is. What’s your feedback?

No way…like…we knew it… you’re Snookie aren’t ya? :wink:

I have looked into the Roto-Flex also, have not played with one yet but they look very promising if they can give you that true deck pie in a nice small footprint with vwery high output. It’s like having a horizontal reel oven. I am looking forward to seeing one in action firsthand. What have the owners of the shops you have seen them in been saying about them? Any negatives being talked about? Maybe stop by late at night and talk to the late shift and see if you can get the non-owner impressions also? :idea:

No idea about rotoflex except that some over the last couple years have said it is spectacualr . . some said it was okay.

I just wish I had a beach house . . . jersey shore or not :frowning:

pakula, check your messages. I have a rotoflex oven for sale, for a lot cheaper than gettting it from the company. I will throw in a Hobart mixer with the price.


Never seen one like that before. Here are some videos of them:



i have been using a rotoflex for the last ten years,i cant say nothing bad about it,one of the best investment i have ever made

Two thumbs up for Rotoflex. Cooks great, easy to run and great capacity.

have had mine for 5yrs without a problem…highly recommend for high volume operations

PS I have had them all…decks, conveyors, airdecks, etc and I am not a dealer

I agree famous, I have had two rotoflex’s now. I am still currently using the 48 model, but I am trying to sell my 56 model. I am trying to sell it, and I am asking a low price from what I paid.

i’ve heard mixed reviews. I know they use a lot of energy and are very exspensive to run. check out the veraforno ovens out of bayonne nj. great oven, easy to use, very cost effective.