Rough Week - Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Wowsers… Sales have fallen as fast as the temperature. Down 10 - 15% from this time last year - the culprit? This huge artic blast thats lasting nearly 10 days+.

Anyone else think the colder weather is slowing sales or is it just me?

10% down I wish. I’m down around 25-30% on last year - last week I was 19% up! All down to… the weather. Closed for deliveries on Tuesday, and dead for the rest of the week. Total nightmare worst weeks we’ve had in a long time. Hopefully the weather will improve next week.

Cold weather killed my dine-in business. We are down 20% from last year.

last weeks dining room was the worst was hoping to have a good week for the start of the new year but that went soouth just like the temps

I am in California so no cold weather for us. But January has always been one of our slowest months, if not our slowest.

Mailed out 2000 menus, up 67% for the week, the weekend was awesome! Dining room sales fell off the edge of the earth. Pick up and delivery all week! Awesome :slight_smile:

Way to go! I mailed about half that and I was up 35% lol. My drink sales were way down so I guess that means less eat in.

I’m glad someone is doing well in this weather!!! We’ll pick back up when the temp rises. Brrrrrrrrr.

January is our worst month. We’re doing about as well as we expected…of course rthe weather haws been warm here: 30s is pretty good for us!

We are up 19%, but that is actually a slow down in our growth. Lunches have been awful the last two weeks.