Round Pizza Boards

Who has the best price on 15" round pizza boards like this?

Yo Daddio… I found them at for a 15" serving peel at $22.86. Dang these things are expensive! :shock: That same company sells the 16" version on ebay for under $20. I would think a quick phone call or email would get the 15" version in quantity at a discounted rate.

Ok I have a question. Why are these press type peels so expensive compared to the standard wood peels? I see they are called serving peels and are thinner but what is the benefit too them over the wood ones? :?:

After being the master pizza cooker, chef-type person (that is the technical term, right?) in our shop for the last 15 months, all of our pizzas are cut on one of these 18" pressed boards. It’s the only one we have.

I don’t know if it’s special or not, but the thing doesn’t have one nick, gouge, or cut mark from the rocker knife we use the cut the pizzas. Unless a regular wood paddle has some kind of coating on it, I would imagine it would end up cut, and splintered, from all the cutting going on.

The high density make them a better choice for a cutting board. I was advised by my friendly heath inspector they are what is recommended even over the nylon or plastic ones.

You’re spot on! Have you ever taken a close look at the surface of a used plastic or UHMW cutting board? They are full of cuts, nicks, and who knows what else, and are next to impossible to thoroughly clean. The composite boards are tough as nails and make for an excellent cutting base, especially if you are using something like the EQUALIZER from Lloyd Pans/Pizza Tools.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

We can’t even use the plastic cutting boards in my county! We’ve switched to a tempered glass board which is great for clean up etc. but a b*tch on the knives!