Round Pizza Serving Trays

In the past, I have used the standard weight, solid aluminum coupe trays to serve pizza on. These are fine, but I’m looking to keep my pies crisp for longer. I would like to find a way to let steam escape.

Has anyone served on pizza screens, perforated coupe pans, coupe pans with raised nibs, or steamer racks?

My primary concern with the perforated pans are toppings dripping through the pan to the bottom of the table.

Can anyone recommend a solution?
These are what I used to use for my slice sales. I was very impressed with them.

Have you used these for a whole pie. Was wondering what it’s like to cut into slices with those nibs sticking up. Son made pie half meat and the crust was soggie.

I cut on a cutting board before transferring to the tray.

The pleezers work I think if you have the time to cut on a board first. I had a sample and you def cannot cut on that thing (which I expected just by looking at it)…

I’d maybe look into reasons for the sogginess also instead of finding solutions to hide it. Not saying that it’s possible to create a perfectly sog free pizza, or that your pizza is soggier than average, but you can get pretty damn “dry” with some modifications.

PS. I use aluminum pans. My soggiest pizza is our vegetarian and it has 12 toppings, things like tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, broccoli, artichoke hearts, etc etc etc - the thing is a beast of a pizza and I can eliminate almost all the sogginess with a few tricks. Our meat pizzas aren’t really ever soggy unless its triple pepperoni.

PPS. Since you mentioned pans I’m assuming these customers are eating the pizza in house, minutes after it comes out the oven. Now out of store, after sitting in a box, yeah, just ignore everything I said because that changes everything! Delivery and takeout can be sog city for sure if you let it.

I totally agree, if you’re getting soggy pizzas for dine-in the place to begin looking is not for a new serving tray, but instead to address the problem with the pizza itself. At AJ’s an aluminum coupe pan is used with a piece of printed parchment paper between the tray and the pizza…never a soggy pizza.
What kind of oven are you using?
What is your baking platform (pan, screen, disk, or right on the deck)?
What is your baking time and temperature?
If you can answer these questions it will open discussion and we can determine if the problem is due to baking or some other issue.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor