Round, wooden pizza servers

Does anyone have a link or know the brand of a round, 16" wooden pizza server? It’ basically looks like a wooden peel (without the taper) that is used to cut the pie on and serve it on. The ones I"ve seen have a short handle for the server to hold onto as well.

I’ve looked extensively online and have only found ( … ID/143.htm) this one but it doesn’t have a handle for the servers to grab.

Any help?

is this what you are looking for? … ode=036000

That’s exactly what I was looking for…thanks!

But Good Lord are they expensive… haha. I was wanting to use them exclusively as a cutting / serving board but at 60 bucks a pop it’ll cost me a small fortune to equip enough for 122 seats.

Back to the drawing board I guess. :confused:

I’ve found mush cheaper versions, but all have been in the 12" range. I need at least 16".

Here’s a place that offers them for less. … tlist.html

Thank you…those prices are a little better.

Restaurant Depot carries them as well.