RTC's PizzaFast on WinXP

I have been using Rockland Technologies’ PizzaFast “POS” software since '96. Have run it on Win95 & Win98 but as those OS have almost become obsolete…I was wondering if anybody has any luck running PizzaFast [ver4] on WinXP? I can get it to almost run…my road block is getting my street list to load and I really would rather not have to re-enter all of those. Any body have any tip or pointer to help me w/my conversion? MANY MANY THANKS in advance!

Never heard of it, so I can only approach from the Windows side. WinXP does have “compatibility mode” where you can right-click a shortcut, go to properties and there is a “compatibility” tab.

Did you upgrade from win9x to winxp or are you trying to install on a second computer? If you’re installing on a second computer, I suspect that you’re having issues with either registry entries or incorrect paths. XP plays pretty well with most everything I’ve run across.

To Snowman RE XP & Pizzafast

Thanks for the reply. XP is a new install not upgrade. Have tried the right click compatibility route, but w/out muck luck. I am curious what you have never heard of, is it the program PizzaFast? It is called PizzaFAST order entry system put out by Rockland Technology Corp. I am using Ver 4.0 or 4.1 I cant really tel the screen “flashes” by too fast. Any other ideas?

Re: To Snowman RE XP & Pizzafast

PizzaFast was a fairly popular POS sytem put out by Rockland DiamondTouch. They stopped supporting it back I beleive in 2002 It was a DOS based system and it was “tricked” into running on Windows NT or 3.0 Because of that it is way too old to run under windows XP. You can use an the oldest version of windows you can find to attempt to make it work, but a POS is too valuable to skimp and save money on, using an old unsupported product for. Take the time and frustration in learning a new system that you would be putting into getting that old software too work. Even a $599 product will be more powerful that what pizzafast does.