running multiple pizza places


i am a pizza shop owner from Belgium.

For the past 9 years i run a succesfull pizza place so that i am seriously considering to open another pizza place.

I want to train employees, hire a manager, open a pizzaplace and not work there myself and collect the profit.

I have the finance and practical knowledge to do it, but the big issue is how to trust my investment and money to other people while i am not there.

How do some of you guys run multiple places?

Give your manager a monthly wage or make an agreement that you need a monthly amount and the rest for the manager.

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If the stores are somewhat nearby, I used to work @ each store a couple of day each week, or a few hours each day…I had strong shift leaders in place & developed a few more…we also cross-trained them to work @ each store…a minor scheduling challenge, but well worth it…

Before we opened our 2nd location we were given this advice: “You are not ready for a 2nd location until you are able to call up your 1st store, tell them you are leaving town for a month, and come back to find it ran just as well (if not better) without you around.” Now I think that statement is a bit exaggerated, but it really gets to the heart of the matter - you can’t open a 2nd location if your 1st is a mess without you working in it.

Document how everything should be done as a 1st step, remove yourself from the day-to-day operations without having it all fall apart, and then open your 2nd pizza place.

We have very skilled and trusted General Manager(s) in charge of the day-to-day operations. Job expectations are documented and performance is monitored. Even so, we still feel it is important to get into the stores most days to have a presence and see how things are going with our own eyes.

I could tell you horror stories about our out-of-town location that we closed last year. We were only in there once a week and it showed.

Pay a set amount for a defined amount of work. Document the duties you expect to have performed and the amount of hours each should have devoted to it (i.e. - scheduling, ordering, inventory, running shifts, etc…). Then monitor the performance - watch your investment closely, no one will ever care about it as much as you.

Great, thanks for all advice,

how do i make sure that my employees on my 2nd location selling pizza’s wihout putting them in the computer system and put the money in their pocket.

I suppose it’s all a mather of food control and inventory,

How you guys check that?


count boxes & dough balls & compare the totals to the POS & have them do daily inventories of them & keep accurate food cost records…plus you need to make your presence known…work the manager’s days off…switch up the managers days off…don’t fall victim to complacency nor fall into a predictable routine

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I would guess a good surveillance system with web viewing couldn’t hurt. I installed one about 6 months ago. I only periodically view it (maybe once a week). BUT, everyone knows it’s there and they never know when I’m watching or not… Big Brother at its finest :twisted:

I completely agree with Brads post. Store #1 should be able to run itself before you even think of opening #2. You will need to be available for quite a few months to help with day to day operations of store #2.

I also want to throw in there if I had to do it again I wouldn’t finance anything. Cash is king.

As for the theft I have heard there is always going to be some theft…might be time, money or food but the more systems you have in place to reduce the theft the better. I like to think no one steals but the minute I do I know my systems have become lax.

Cameras are a must.

Good luck it is much harder than I thought it would be.