Safety guard on Planetary Mixer

Can anyone tell me if OSHA or other agency requires the safety guard to be in place on a Planetary Mixer? Or can I remove the guard and override the switch that prevents the mixer from being turned on without the guard in place?

I remember a time when planetary mixers didn’t have safety guards. Mine has one, so is it unlawful for me to jerry-rig my mixer to run without it?

I’m not sure why anyone would want to remove or tamper with safety equipment. I couldn’t comment on what local agencies would say but one fo your employee’s got injured on this equipment you would almost certainly be taken to the cleaners and your insures would fail to pay.

Don’t do it - safety equipment is there because without it the equipment is not safe!!

RE safety guards on mixers.

I do not knowof any jurisdiction where they are required.

We have had some clients remove them.

Check with your local Health Department.

George Mills