salad bar items

I currently have quite a large salad bar that we offer her with about 45 items already on it. we are remodeling our store and adding another salad bar the same size but half of it will be a hot plate for pizzas when we have our lunch buffet. so i was wondering if anybody has and ideas of items that i can add to the new salad bar. Now with 45 items I already have all of the normal things i am looking for fairly inexpensive items that will hold up well.

Ok…sorry I just have to ask… with 45 items already on the salad bar… you have to have to have all of the basics and then some more than covered. Not to mention are you doing well with all 45 items? Can you cut back to 30-35 of your best selling and rearrange the layout a little bit. People can be fooled a little just by putting things in a different order. Change the pan size that you use for the best movers to a larger one and a smaller one for the less popular items. Take away the really slow movers and see if anyone says anything. If you get more than a few requests…bring one or two back. I just think with 45 items and adding hot items now you are asking for a lot more waste and less profit. Just my personal opinion, and for all I know you are doing 100% on all 45 and wouldn’t changer a thing… but stand back and look at the big picture a little. Especially at your busiest times…you do not want people having to stand and have to take that extra 5…10…maybe more…minutes trying to decide. Some might be in a rush. Again…not knowing your business… I am just talking in generalizations here. I guess…bottom line…take a good look first and go from there. :shock:

I’m in agreement with Chris. I don’t even know if I could think of 45 salad bar items. I’m sure that’s a great draw for you, I would love to have the space for something like that. Since I can’t even think of 45 items, it’s hard to come up with suggestions without seeing what you already have.

I assume you’re looking for stuff to put on the heated side?

I remember reading in one of the pizza trade magazines about a place that would buy canned ravioli from Sam’s Club (or such), top it with some mozzarella cheese and watch as their customers loved/devoured it. I’m pretty sure they were stunned by its popularity too - and were thrilled by the low, low food cost!

If I ever get around to opening a pizza buffet, I fully plan to give this a try!