salad bars

ok whats the profit in a salad bar lookl like a good amount of waste

Any type of all you can eat requires you to have volume. Doesn’t matter what you can buy the food for or how careful your employees are who work it. You need to have volume in order to turn it over.
I bet if you asked any restaurant with a salad bar, ie. Wendy’s, CiCi’s etc…, that the bar would be a small percentage of the sales. By the time you buy it, maintain it-remember it has a compressor- your best bet would be to break even or profit a little. Remember…do what you do best and do it well and above all else…make the phone ring!!!

We used to offer a salad bar with our lunch buffet… It was pretty much a pain in the butt. Especially to keep track of the costs… I never fully analyzed it. You have to weigh the containers prior to bringing them out, calculate your price per ounce of produce… everytime you get an order, since produce prices change alot… Then at the end of the day re-weigh everything… calculate the difference… To get your usage…

Not to mention you need someone to come in early to start prep on the salad bar (it takes at least 1 good hour, depending upon size… larger ones could take 2-3 hours to setup). You want everything fresh… So like you said… there is alot of waste…

So… We were never able to truely figure out our cost of the salad bar but I’m almost 99% positive it was costing us money.

Good Point. What about a nine inch octagon salad (black, clear top) garden salad. The dedicated prep needs to be there anyway, so have him/her do at least 50-75. At the lunch rush add anything - (fresh) chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, charred tenders, steak tips, cold cuts…etc. The salads are made for the rushes with four ounce dressings of any kind ready for the taking…add a few Ultimate Croutons and fresh syrian- huge seller.

Take 5-6 small dough balls (depends on your business) dock with fingers a few times, pinch edges, slap twice and onto the stone for about 2-3 minutes until that “poof” and slight browning appears. Cut it to order in triangles.