Salad Catering... Need help

I am putting out a new catering menu and am adding salads… I have several questions on how other might do it. Any help on this would be greatly apreciated.

How Many Ounces of Lettuce do you do per person?

What Size container do you do for say 8 - 12 people or 10 - 15 people?

I have half and full trays already

What type of utensils do you give out… if any?

What kinds do you do and how much do you charge. Thanks for any help help that anyone can be.


I serve 4 different salads for Catering.

Greek, Antipasto, Tossed & Ceasar.

Figure Like 1 Head for a 1/2 Tray and 2 Heads for a full tray. I give out Heavy Duty plasticware for them.

Prices: Tossed $15 (1/2 Tray) $25 (Full Tray) Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion, & Choice of 2 Dressings.

Antipasto: $20 (1/2) $35 (Full) Lettuce, Salami, Ham, Provolone, Pepperoni, Pickled Veg & Dressing

Ceasar: $15 (1/2) $25 (Full) Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, Cheese, & Dressing.

Greek: $20 (1/2) $35 (Full) Lettuce, Tomato, Olives, Cucumber, Feta Cheese & Dressing.

Huge profit if Lettuce is under $1 a head. BUT NOT NOW. ($50 a case)
Hope this helps.

although I am a big fan of consistency and food cost control I did not find it worthwhile with salad catering…there is such a markup that I was more concerned to get the business regularly and make them look great…prices range from $20 for a half tray of tossed salad to $55 for a full tray of grilled chicken caesar salad

what I can tell you is that presentation is almost as important as the food itself…we use the full and 1/2 aluminum trays & covers, 16oz plastic containers for dressing, plastic salad spoons for serving, and prepackaged plasticware and heavy duty plates

Thanks for your help…I have question about catering to 270 people, how many trys will I need to feed them, how much should I charge for the order of hand tost salad per try or per order. Should I buy it redy bag of salad from Sams or costco or make it from scratch. What are my cost in doing so. Please let me know…Thanks

a Half Tray serves approximately 8-10 people. a full, 16-20.

So if 270 people, i would guestimate like 13 full trays of salad. Not everyone will eat it, but you don’t want to run out. If your making it on your own, you’ll need: 26 Heads of Lettuce, 36 Tomatoes, 6 Onions, Dressing.

13 Alum Full Tray Pans: $10
Serving Spoons:
26 Heads of Iceberg: $50
36 Tomatoes: $20
5 Onions: $2
Dressings: $25

This is a rough estimate of $100 givin the fluctuation of Produce…

So it will run you around 50 cents for salad @ cost. I see people charging $25 a person, includes salad, dinner, & Dessert. You may want to go that route and set a Fixed price for everything.

Hope this helps…

I go to the grocery store and get an aluminum turkey roasting pan ($2). We fill it with either spring mix and fresh veggies or with ceasar salad. We supply a pair of plastic tongs ($2) also from the grocery store. The price is $40 and it serves 20 very nicely as a side for pizza. We use about 1.5 pounds of greens.