Salad Life

Using some iceberg as part of the mix- knew it had a short life but jeez.
Seems like 2 days is it.
Switching to all red/green leaf with some other greens.
New place so hard to know what to make.
Is that iceberg experience fairly typical?
It is chemical free so the vendor did warn me.

Depends on how you cut it (metal knife will spoil it quicker) and store it. Salad spinners actually do work well, i have not bought one but i know several other stores who use them.

We just wash in cold water, cut, drain and store inside the walk in. We can get up to 4 days, but we rarely need more then 2 days (side note i have a grocery store literally next door, so i buy it fresh every other day).

Have a 5 gal spinner. (and lettuce knife)
This mix is pre-cut.
I bought red/green leaf this am to make my own mix and mixed w/ the ice.
Opened the sealed iceburg mix bag this am- will see what I get time-wise.
Had a supermarket 100’ from me the last 15 years (last store) and that was VERY nice.
Now… no such luck.
Appreciate the reply.

Romain is a lot better.

Think that’ll be the mix- Red/Green/Romaine…


Plus, with romaine in the cooler you can easily add a ceasar and chicken ceasar to the menu. (assuming you already have shredded parm and a suitable chicken product on hand all you need to add is croutons)

Yeah… preps is one option. I can easily make anything from one… good thought.

Never buy pre cut romaine or iceberg. That stuff is garbage and spoils way to quick. We buy romaine hearts and have no problem cutting them every other day or so.

Th best thing we ever did to improve lettuce freshness was to pre (cut) only what we “think” we will use. We then have another tub full of cleaned and de-cored heads on hand. It lasts much longer then cut lettuce and it’s a quick fix to simply chop it up if we run out.

I switched to a Red leaf/Green leaf mix, along with a handful of the Spring Mix for a bit of variety and color.
Been cutting them up each morning- still so new that I don’t know what we’ll sell… and the reality is… not much, anyway.
This is our 4th week so… learning here and there.
That salad mix last for days and looks great.
As always, grateful for the insights and experiences.