Salami Pizza Recipe

Hey All~
Does anyone have a good salami pizza recipe? This is not a meat we have used in the past, but have been getting requests for it.
I tried searching the archives, but didn’t really come up with what I was looking for.
Much Thanks…
p.s. We do a hand-tossed style crust.

Umm…make a pizza. Throw some salami on it. :roll:
I actually have a surprising number of salami customers, but they all just order it as a topping along with whatever else they want - olives, mushrooms, etc.
I don’t have any “specialty” combos including salami if that’s what you meant!

Hey MM~
You are right, I am looking for a specialty pizza that features salami. I have already made a few pies using salami and tossed on some other ingredients which worked fine. But, I was hoping to get a recipe for something new and exciting that I haven’t thought of.

Hey Sammy,we do one called the Old Itailian-oil and garlic base topped w/ genoa salami,cappicola,sopprasotta aged prov. frsh tomatos and mozz.this is one of our best sellers.You can just throw salami on top of your red pie.I personally think this is better than pepperoni especially Sopprasotta.


Thanks for the reply…that recipe is what the type of thing I am looking for. Sounds delicious. Gonna pick up the incredients and give it a try today.

We do one similar to goomba, but on regular marinara. Genoa Salami, Prosciutto and Cappicola.

We brought the Genoa Salami in specifically to make this pizza, but I’m amazed at how many people order just Salami now that we have it. In my opinion, it’s a far superior meat topping to Pepperoni.

Yum. That does sound good - and sorry if my reply came off wise-a$$…

I don’t stock prosciutto or cappicola, but I might get a little and make one myself.

You know what is unusually good? A couple crew members have been whipping up a salami pizza lately featuring PESTO sauce. They mix in some other toppings each time (onion, maybe a top sprinkle of cheddar).
It’s not on my menu (yet) so I haven’t worked on a name…