Sales boost i pandemic

Not sure its due to pandemic or less marketing

But how to boost sales again.

Its seems sales are down from last year

Hey Raj - yeah we’re expecting to see sales slow from their 2020 highs as more folks start venturing out. I recommend trying to acquire new customers through marketing- new movers/new residents are really effective here

I felt like I was the best kept secret in town. With PPP money paying my employes, I invested in advrtising to get my name out. Radio and TV is cheap, $12 to $17 per spot. I went crazy and advertises a free small cheese pizza in the good news paper with a circulation of about 18,000 (they claim). If they wanted anything other than a cheese pizza, we charged a dollar per topping.
We gave away 548 pizzas in 3 days. It was crazy, my food cost for the pizzas was just about $1,000. The up charge for the pepperoni and other topping came to $1,100. I had my best week in 23 months. It helped put me back on peoples radar.

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