Sales contest over the holiday week

We went into the holiday week (biggest of the year for us) with one experienced phone person (my daughter back from college: 5 years phone work) and two new ones.

We did a short training session on talking about named combos and adding things like salads, sides, deserts etc with the goal of adding a couple of dollars to the average sale. In past years we have been able to drive our average ticket to about $34-36 during this week.

This year we offered a contest: $50 to first place, $30 to second place and $20 to 3rd place for the highest ticket average for the week and posted results every night. We eliminated the smallest transactions (walk-ins for slices, drinks etc) and orders over $150 since they tend to be taken by managers and required 40 orders to be eligible for the contest.

My daughter won with a ticket average of $44 for the week (she worked 5 nights) and we raised the average for the store for the whole week to a new record of almost $41.