Sales Increase

How was everyones sales for the month of February…

Good news here. We had an increase of 23% in sales for February compared to the last 2-3 yrs. WooHoo… :P. Even if we did not do that hugh order for the school last weekend our sales we still strong.

Hoping everyone else is doing just as good :slight_smile:

February 2013 was up 4% for us over february 2012. It would have been more but there was 29 day in 2012 and only 28 days in 2013.

Down 3.04% (only $1400, which as perfect pizzas pointed out equals one days sales for me). Add also that i reduced my store hours by 9.5 hours a week, and i will say my sales where up over last year.

We are 25% over last year without adjusting for the extra day last year.

Ugh! Congrats to you all!
I was down a hair over 10% from last Feb. It really seems like money has been super tight in my area since Christmas. I finished 2012 down about 2.5% from the previous year. But ever since the last week of December, I am down an average of 11.8%.
It seems like my weekly customers have become bi-weekly lately, the once a month customers have slowed down to once per 6 weeks. I did have a new place in town open up a few months ago, but from everything I hear, they are super slow lately too.
I hope I’m not alone! I know each market is different, but jeez - I didnt come on here to see all this darn positivity!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

We were up 12% in February… Feb 13 gross sales were 81k. Not only was there an extra day last year but we cut our operating hours from 62 to 36 a week. I’m still kind of surprised.

We made a decision to close a day last year, and we chose Sunday over Monday since most of our competition is closed Monday. That started in March.

As for lunch I usually go out a lot trying different restaurants and just see so much waste of labor and time during slow periods. After calculating sales and costs per hour for lunch I figured it wasn’t worth it, either breaking even or making pennies so we closed 3 months ago. So we open 3-9 mon-sat now and get there around 2 to unlock and start prep… yeah we are lazy!

We are owner operated, I’m the GM and my co-owner brother is the head chef (he’s off saturday so I assist chefs), we have a staff of 20-25 people depending on time of year. 50% of our sales are takeout/delivery (we seat 70, no bar, full service italian restaurant & pizzeria.) We own our standalone building outright. After 21 years I’m ready to sell everything for the right price… (dad died last year so we can)

Both of my stores were up about 22% over feb 12. Neither of my stores had ever had a prior years sales beat the current year sales when refering to the same month. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Were going on 4 years now. I dont know where the ceiling is for our sales but its gotta be close. No way we can just keep growing forever.