Sales$/Man Hour

Anyone care to share?

Just curious what the range is.

I’m looking at as low as $27, and as high as $46.

Worst Day this week, $24 best day this week, $85 Average for the week $52. This includes everyone associated with the operation including bookkeeper etc…

My Sunday through Wednesday will typically be in the $25 to $27 per man hour and my Thursday through Saturday will range from $30 to $40 per man hour. Every once in a while a crappy day will have a $22 per man hour and an unexpectedly busy day might lead to a $45 per man hour average. Our busiest nights of the year are not unexpected so they generally end over $35/ man hour but since we staff as heavily as possible for these days, they rarely exceed the $40/ man hour.

On an average slow day…35 On an average busy day…60


Daddio, your $52 is impressive. I’m not going to ask you how many hrs you are open per week, unless you don’t care to tell, but can you tell us if you are open late, or open for lunches?

Paul, I was hoping you’d respond, as your operation and hours mimic ours. Interestingly your numbers look similar to ones I was questioning for a long hours college store of ours.

I’m trying to come up with a minimum number that “makes sense”. I was thinking about $34/hr for the week overall. I know how many man hours it takes to provide the level of service I want, and those hours could provide the same service even with an increase in sales.

Thinking about an average $/man hr, at what amount would you start getting concerned?

I just talked with a friend who has a friend with a hot dog cart and does just over 100.00 per hour…

Yeah, don’t remind me! :cry:

Remember that my operation is a Del/CO so no wait staff come into play. Another consideration is everything sold goes out in a box or a bag so there are not many dishes to worry about. And last but not least I have contract delivery drivers who are paid by the customer and are not part of the hours.

We are at about 16k a week and we are at about 42 per hour average