I am experimenting with small batches of dough (enough for just a couple of pizzas for the wife, myself, and the kids). We’ll dress them up for cooking later in the evening. We will use the recipe for a take-n-bake store we hope to open next year.

Question: where can I find SALP and can I get smaller quantities of it? I looked in the grocery stores to no avail (wasn’t the best of grocery stores though). I’d like enough to sample with.

Also, is there a “simple” name for it other than sodium alumiminuminuminm phosphate? :smiley:

SALP, is seldom ever used in the raw (uncoated/encapsulated) form in pizza dough. Instead, it is almost always used in a fat encapsulated form. You can get this product under its trade name “WRISE” from The Wright Group, contact Azarel Nieves at 337-783-3096 (ext. 117) or
Azarel should be able to fix you up with a sample size quantity to experiment with.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks for the help. I had found the same info you have given someone else and called and spoke with Azarel. He’s sending me some to sample. Thanks for all your help, Tom!!!