what percentage salt are you guys putting in your dough im trying to achieve a balance but can`t seem to get the salt yeast thing right

2% salt
59% water
flour, 12% protein, GM Superlative
.3 to .4% IDY
no oil, I usually coat the balls with oil before refrigerating if I think I will be holding it longer than 40 hours
…no sugar…

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to 50# All Trump flour, I add 10-15 oz of salt…more salt if I am looking tp keep the dough from proofing quickly…1.5 - 1.75 oz IDY

I’ll let you compute the % as I’ve never taken the time. 10oz salt per 50lbs flour. .75oz IDY per 50 lbs flour.

That works out to 1.25% salt based on the flour weight. This would be considered to be the low end of the salt level. The high end is typically about 2%, but I have seen it up around 3% too (too much for my taste). The most common, and recommended salt level is 1.75% of the flour weight, or 14-ounces for 50-pounds of flour weight.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


your yeast level is just under .1%, I use around .35%
Obviously, it is working for us both, our pizza is good.
It seems to me that the smaller amount works fine, variations in IDY is not radical, like salt or water would be if you used twice as much.
More yeast may speed up the fermentation, that seems true for me when I have mad “emergency” dough I need in a hurry.


when you use less salt, less yeast is required, as salt deters the yeast action to a degree…the amt of yeast also varies w/the temp of the H20 - we use H20 from the walk-in and use our dough 2-4 days later…slat adds “tenderness” to your crust as well…

What temperature is the water(H2O) you are using ?
What temperature does your dough come out of the mixer ?

I shoot for around 83 degrees.
I have often thought that if it comes off cooler it would last longer in the refrigerator, a few more days. Does it work that way.


hi I posted the original question but forgot to log on, Im useing 2% salt now but originaly was useing 3. something % , im using .4 percent yeast
but its fresh yeast I think you guys call it compressed yeast water at about 75f 1% sugar a 4% oil 53 % water my next question day is good day 3 to day 5 we and its not growing out of control at slack times id just like it to be a litte crispier now , also is there any difference in the fresh yeast and the idy and what sequence do you add the ingriedients to the mixer

thanks for all the posts!!!

Re: salt/ IDY

use about 1/3 the amount of IDY to compressed, fresh yeast, ie, if the formula calls for 1.5% compressed yeast, if you substitue IDY, use .5%
…bump the water up a % to make up for the hydration in the compressed yeast that you do not use.

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