Salute Cheese

Is anyone using Salute Cheese from Roma and if so what are you paying per pound?

Well I use the Assoluti whole milk. My order came today and I paid 2.39

Hope this helps


How do you like Salute cheese? Do you have any complaints?

Salute Cheese is total garbage in my opinion. My supplier ran out of Grande and tried to substitute Salute. Salute burned rather easily and its flavor was not even close to Grande.

My distributer is trying to push me that way too. I love Grande but the price is so high. I made two pies one with Grande and one with Salute and was tempted until I tasted the difference.

You could try blending if your grating your own. Don’t go nuts though. The cheaper cheese definitely adds tha salt flavor…

This is actually an imitation mozz. there is a lot of modified food starch in it which makes it look like plastic when it cools. You get what you pay for.

you are crazy if you think this product is imitation mozzarella…
it is less expensive than Grande by roughly 20-30 cents a # depending upon your useage and if your rep thinks and or knows if you are a smart operator
what a stupid statement
read the ingredient statement before you open your mouth…
next step - understand the ingredient statement

problem I have had is this, I test up against grande everything any of the reps have showed me have ALWAYS BEEN CHEAPER but everything just doesnt live up. I really am not a fan of paying the high price either BUT watching the kids in my dining room getting a GREAT pull and the smell of the provolone coming out just cant kick the grande habit…I do think that the money they spend giving back on marketing could be spent a little better.