sam4s sps-2000 pos

does anyone own a sam4s sps 2000 pos
just bought one and having trouble with it

you s/not have bought it - u got a lemon - ineffective IMHO - used 1 b4 - not uzer friendly - will need corp intervention

can we talk over the phone

I won’t be much help - you will need to call the local rep, as the user has only limited ability to make changes…you will have to pay for programing - I last used it briefly this past spring & was quite frustrated in the fact so little can be done on the end-user side…its not a “bad” system, but one I would NEVER pick, due to my limited experience…I believe the have a pizza mod, but am a bit foggy…depending on how many $$$ you have in it, I’d sell it on ebay and pick another PC based POS, like Pt. of Success (yes I have it) Foodman is not all that bad either, but a bit limited in some areas