same oven models cooking differently

I have two MM PS200. One is set to 500 4:50 and the other 480 4:50. Both cook perfect product, but I can’t figure out why the one will burn product at 500 and the other will cook it fine. These are both in separate locations, everything is set up the same. Internal temp will match display. any ideas why these would run differently?

Can anyone explain what changing the bios actually does?

Do you have the same finger set up in both?

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I can usually tell when our oven cleaning service doesn’t put the correct fingers back into the right spots. Even though it’s the same fingers in the same oven, putting them in the wrong spots can result in scorched cheese/toppings everything else being set the same.

The outsides of the fingers can all look the same. Sometimes they have inserts that block off part of the air flow like so: 20120929080653(1).jpg20120929080608.jpg
So check and see if that’s the case in your different ovens.

We used to have an expression at AIB. “Every oven is a law unto itself and only itself”.
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If all of the fingers are set up the same, it could be something as obscure as one has a blower motor pushing a few CFM’s more than the other. I replaced a blower motor on an oven and was shocked at the difference in cook. with the help of our oven manufacturer, I was able to adjust the cook a bit by changing how far the blade was installed on the shaft.