Same Recipe/ Different Results with Different Brand of Flour

We had been using Benaire (sp?) brand flour because that’s what the previous owner had used. Its supposed to be about 12.5%. We make a thick crust pizza and recently started experimenting with All Trumps and now Superlative. Using the same recipe we always have, we are getting different results with these two General Mills products. They seem to require more yeast and water than our old flour. Is this the case in fact? Anyone else had such an experience?

Looks like we are going to go with the Superlative as I think the All Trumps is better for a thin crust.

We think the crust is much better with these flours but the dough is not cooking all the way. We are getting a crispy bottom but an uncooked top layer, unmelted cheese and “cold” veggies. Through these last couple years we have done a lot of experimenting but have never had cold veggies be the result. The mushrooms actually seemed as though they were thrown on after the oven. We did lower the temp and increase the cooking time as well with a minimal improvement.

My thinking right now is that I need to increase the water for a more open cell structure so that the heat does not get trapped in the dough. The dough balls were a little tougher to work with as well. The yeast level appears to be alright because the dough balls are rising as well as the finished crust out of the oven. Does this sound like I am on the right track?

I feel like we are close and I really like these flours. You guys have talked them up so much and now I know why.

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I’ve used both in the past…started w/Superlative…when I sold food, all my bakers bought AllTrumps, so I made the switch years ago & haven’t looked back…yes, it can take more H2O

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The temp of the toppings on top of the pizza really depends more on the kind of oven you are using. I can only assume it is a deck or a brick oven? What is the temp of the water you are using and the temp of the dough when it comes out of the mixer?

Leaving your dough out at room temp (a good idea with any dough) will also make it easier to work with and open the cell structure at the same time.

How is the gum layer? The layer of gummy dough between the skin and the sauce? If your veggies aren’t cooking, I can only assume it must be gummy as heck, and that is more of a problem than the veggie temp (in the testing phase only of course).

Re: Same Recipe/ Different Results with Different Brand of F

Yes, we are using a deck oven. I will double check my dough temp to make sure we are still at 85 degrees but the only thing that has changed in our recipe and prep is the flour.

How long the dough sits out is not effecting the outcome.

We are not getting a gum layer. I really think its really a water issue at this point as the dough is definitely harder to work with as well. We are getting a good rise out of the dough. I’m heading back over there right now to try out the batch I made with more water last night. Even with a gummy layer that we have experienced in the past, the veggies have always still cooked.

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The dough temp is really off – down to about 70 degrees. We’re not dealing with cold weather out here either. All the extra water we’ve been using has been cold so I figure that has to be part of it but can the new flour be part of the reason?

Left the flour out even “longer” than we did before which helped a lot.

All this makes logical sense but I didn’t expect this from just changing flour. Starting to get a much better crust, however.

So our next step is to increase the amount of hot water going in (105 degrees approx for the ADY) and bring the dough out as needed. Hopefully we can get back to not having to have the dough out like before (or least least not as long) but if it means a better product so be it.

This really is a continuing learning process. Love this board!