San Diego bound

going to San Diego Sept 15-17 to see my recruit become a Marine (so proud of the kid :smiley: ) any shops that we can visit in the area would like to try some of that Cali Pizza :lol:

we are also visiting LA the night of the 15th

thanks Dennis

Congrats and Semper Fi to both you and your son/daughter Dennis. :!:

I needed to add too this post. First, sorry Fat Boy as I am going off base here on you but for a good reason. I just had Sunday brunch with my extended family in for my grandmother’s b-day and I did not know that my uncle’s girlfriend’s son… so could be my cousin by marriage, was just back from boot at Parris Island and was going for a brief intro into his “A” school training before shipping out to Afghanistan. He is only 19 but was a 4.0 gpa freshman college student and instead of going back to school this fall he enlisted. He is going into aviation and has signed an 8 year commitment with an accelerated schedule for continuing his education and going through OCS and then into the flight program. I remember myself back in 1990 and the thoughts going through my head… Ironically we were fighting in the same areas. He talks the big game but we all know the fear that is in there and it is that fear that keeps a lot of these kids safe when out there defending our country and the wrongs of the world. Talk about a load of stress for being 19… enlisting is tough enough but put on top of that flying around the world and being told, by the way, while fighting a war you are going to earn some college credits too. I know it will be mostly hands on type education while in deployment but still what we ask of these kids these days. I am not a super religious person but God bless all these kids and a prayer that they all come home fast and safe.

yu said it brother thanks for the support