San Marzana Tomatoes on the West Coast

Guys I am looking for D.O.P. San Marzano tomatoes on the west coast. I am in Northern Nevada and I need some Dist. around me. Presently I us Nina tomatoes and they are good but they are not D.O.P. tomatoes. Thanks


Hello thin,There aren’t to many 'true’San Marzanno tomato’s anymore thats why you won’t find them.And if you do be sure they’re real ones the tin can they come in should be gold tin not silver.There are many knock-offs out there.Have you tried Stanislaus Tomatos? They are just as good if not better.Remember a true San Marzanno tomato has to be grown in that region.Many companies are taking the seed from there and growing them here and calling it San Marzanno.


I have tried Stanislaus and they are ok. I use some of them but I want to get back to my roots. The San Marzana tomatoes are the best and when I start my second place I will need them to improve my Sauce. Like I said I use Nina’s which are from that region but they are not as good as a San Marzana