Sandwich boards

Anyone use sandwich boards on the sidewalk for advertising? Thinking about getting one and putting it out by the street. Found a website where I could make one for $150. Double sided sign that is 36"x 24". Was thinking of having it say, “BIG PIZZA SLICES -->” and using a picture of a pizza slice in place of the word pizza. Lunch sales have died and I am hoping this could get them going again.


My city would jump down our throats if we did that. Obviously people do it so it just depends on where you are. The signs did work well when I tried them.

We use a sandwich sign for our a promotion on Fish & Chips. Works Great really increased our lunch business. We are in the process of making one for our Pizza Slices as well. We’ll be advertising " Big Slices All Day" Definetly put big slice. on the sign. and the picture is a great idea. Our city as a bylaw which only allows so many, so as soon as I get the sign, I’m putting in the back of my truck and parking the truck in the parking spaces next to the street :smiley:

works well for me