Anyone using Stanislaus’ Saporito Super Heavy Pizza Sauce as a base in their sauce, If so what are you paying for a case?

Any other comments about this sauce?

I think I have finally created a sauce recipe to replace my fully prepared sauce. And it seams to be significantly cheaper to make.

We blend our sauce using Saporito and 7-11 crushed tomatoes. We are WAY pleased with the results, and it is far superior to other super heavies we have tried.

We pay 23.57 per case of six cans. The food distributor brand we used was really good (27.00 per case) until we tried the Saporito, and it is less expensive!

for what it is worth, the link below gives you Stanislaus and Escalon cross reference, both great and comparable product that you can interchange with assurance of keeping quality standards…

 I use 6n1(or 7/11), 19g salt, 19g lemon juice, 7g dried sweet basil per can, stir and use 12 to  100 hours later, refrigerated of course

Stanislaus and Escalon both have great sauce recipes, that’s where I got the start on mine…for the record, I prefer Escalon. Stanislaus deserves all the following it gets also. Probably some more good smaller tomato canners out there too

cost more than adding water, but I really like the simplicity, and “hey, I really like your sauce” comments…
Noble Roman’s is my closest competion, oh, I have 2 Subways in town but nobody counts their pizza, I do hope they keep it on there menu, it makes me look like a pizza genius

lately, I have been adding 12g of grated parmesan, because, I swtiched from Grande cheese to a CA whole milk mozzerella and I needed to add a little kick that I miss from Grande cheese.
hope that helps,

Nothing helps my business more than a below-average pizzeria within striking distance. I pray they stay open a little while longer to do some customer comparison work for me :smiley:

"Nothing helps my business more than a below-average pizzeria within striking distance. "

…that is a wonderful thing, and the more of them like that the better ! :slight_smile:

around 23 bucks a case.

I would pay about 21 a case, but I suggest the super dolce. It is still a stanislauss product.

If you talk to stanislauss via internet or call them they will be more than happy to send a rep out to you. I have had my place for 2 months and we got two already.

They will bring one can of everything and let you try them all