Saputo blended cheese for pizza

Anybody have experience with Saputo’s blend of part skim mozzerela/provolone/ cheddar blend…80/10/10 ?

     I have been using Grande, same % blend and I like it.

     I may be switching to a distributor that does not carry Grande, but they do carry the comparable Saputo blend.


from the looks with no replies, maybe this Saputo cheese blend is not that popular…
Any Saputo cheese users thought appreciated.

I am in Quartzsite, AZ and have the choice of Roma, Shamrock, and US Foods…
anybody using these ?



I use Stella Whole milk mozzarella which is made by saputo.   I blend it with Grande Whole milk.  No problems with it at all.

I used to use cheese from Saputo until they ticked me off because if I didnt order everything from them I couldnt order the cheese from them and that is when I told them to leave. That aside we used to buy the full fat and part skim mozza from them and mix it together. They actually started making a pre shred mixed cheese based on our recipe. I know from what I have used of their cheese in the past it was very good and I had no complaints but I have not used the blend you are looking at.

We use US Foods and Sysco, Shamrock comes to our market as well, but I don’t buy from them. All in all I have no complaints with either company we buy from but I like my US foods rep better.

I might suggest that you ask the rep from each company for a couple of references as rep service can make a big difference. Also, I would suggest youo establish relationships and accounts with two companies, not one. I have found their claims of better service and pricing for sole source contracts to be bunch of BS.

Hi Otis,

I have used Shamrock Foods for over 15 years, and I have always gotten along great with them.  I used to be a part of a chain down in Tucson and the couple of years they forced us to use Sysco was a very rough time.  I am just starting to cut my food items with them and I will be more than happy to share what I find with you.  I hope all is going well for you up there in Quartzsite.  Are you going to the Shamrock food show on next week?

Take care,