saputo cheese doesn't care about the indies

Got a shipment of Gardenia diced brand from Saputo thru my supplier
the cheese isn’t melting completly in either of my stores so the oven isn’t the factor
my supplier doesn’;t seem to care (no return call after 4 attempts)

so iu contact saputo to let them know the situation and they say they can’t help me it has to
come from their customer b4 they will make a move meanwhile i am going into friday night with crappy cheese
and no way to get any b4 next wed

just wanted to vent


What is the date of the cheese? Maybe your distributor accidentally froze it?

dec 13th

As I understand things, that cheese is too green then. It needs to age for a month before you should use it. Assuming that the 13th is the manufacture date, they got that to you quick!

You really need to drop your supplier if you dont get an answer immediately. The broker should have called back immediately

I have found Saputo to be great in the few instances we have had a problem. For example, a distributor might run out from their normal plant and they ship cheese in from another regional plant that is not the same

I think your supplier is more to blame than the manufacturer.