Who is using this cheese, and what are you paying. I would like to set it up something over block, but not sure what to shoot for.


$1.69 Whole Milk Loaf

Are you dropping the Northland you were using? It’s getting a little pricey for me, but still .50/lb less than the Grande.

I’ve tried Saputo in the past, but didn’t think it held near as long as I needed it too.

We have been mixing the northland with the grande. I am tired of the grande price. Never have really liked the northland. They brought a new york blend in today from saputo. Still playing with it.

but I thought grande… :twisted:

I have never been one to get involved with the grande argument at all. I think it performs well with the application we use. but its not worth the price in my opinion. 20 cents a pound maybe, but its close to 50 to 70 cents higher per pound.

PLEASE tell me how your experiments work, I would love to drop Grande. But, as a by-the-slice shop, I just cannot find anything that performs as well. We’re a small enough shop (and with you teaching me to blend it with the Northland), it’s not really a huge amount of money. Still…it’s less money for me and if this board has taught me anything, it’s to keep the mentality of: “It’s my money”.