why did you change your signature?
i liked “pizza is love”
please elaborate.

I honestly had no idea anyone was paying attention.

Because it’s a blatant rip-off of a man I admire and respect a lot in the food industry. I met him by pure, raw, dumb, happenchance one day at a BBQ joint in Memphis, TN. We ordered our ribs, and there he was shoving a pulled pork sandwich into his head . . . Mario Batalli. I heard him tell the story of why he signs his name as he does, and it connected & resonated with me and my connection with my craft. His sig line is “Spaghetti is Love”. He signed some items for me at a public event the next day . . . and that was what he signed on the full sized promo poster I talked the casino out of.

I believe that in our current culture, pizza is a part of family life that brings love, life and light into the home and family. So, I move it around occasionally. It was originally “Pizza is life” way back when I first started, I believe. I change it when I have a shift in vision of the world and what I want to share with it . . . We need lightness in our community right now, so I am sharing that with the pies we’re baking this month (with love being implied). I’ll change it back soon; gives people something to do while I post incessantly.

No, Dave. I am not a hippy at all. The VW bus I drove notwithstanding, I am a rather conservative with a passionate and deep spiritual connection to what I do with food. Trent Lott would have me shot . . . but so would Ted Kennedy :shock:

Why refer to me about your non hippy existence???

Did you think that I would come back with an answer along the lines that it’s not really mixed herbs he puts on his pizzas - just got it mixed up with the other stuff that gets smoked. 8) Man, there real cool pizzas at Nicks. I feel so light after having one - just like floating … :roll:


<--------------Going to Nicks for a pizza but hold the dough,sauce and chse. just give me the darn herb! 8)

at first i thought i was eating to many fresh mushrooms…was not really sure if it ever said"pizza is love"

I liked the slogan so much that we named our corporation Pizza Love LLC.