Satellite or cable TV in business?

I was wondering if any of you have Satellite or Cable service in your restaurants. I have heard that these companies like to charge business’s more. Even up to 200-300 dollars a month. We have a small place. We have room for dine in but don’t do a lot. No beer or anything. Just looking into getting one 32" flat screen. The TV is really more for my own personal enjoyment to keep myself sane. I am an ESPN and sports junkie. Since the TV wouldn’t really be bringing in any business it’s not really worth it to pay out 200-300 dollars a month.

I have a small dining room as well and used to have a cable for a few years (about 8 years ago). At that time I believe it was around $80 a month for basic cable. I ended up taking the tv out because my employees were watching tv when they should have been working.

DirectTV has an introductory thing for $100 a month for six months. Then it goes to $150. Something like this as I get mailers all the time. They call it their commercial package and its not HD. HD I believe is $10 more a month per box. There “might” be a stripped down thing you can get but I don’t think so.

Businesses are charged more because a local broadcast in a public setting has other fees attached that are passed along to you. The fees are based on the number of seats you have and so can get up to $200 to $300 easy – much higher for your big sports bars that subscribe to the MLB, NBA and NFL packages.

They do not distinguish whether or not the public will see the tv in a business. They simply count the seats. I believe the first breakpoint in seats is 75.

I’ve owned two bars (one in 3 different locations) and now our pizzeria in the same town and had cable in all of them. The cable company has never said a word about charging anything more than the basic rate I would get in my home.

We use direct TV here, the commercial package pays all royalties needed to show all the sports and news channels. You still can get whacked for showing and station other than sports that play any songs not covered in your agreement. I also get XM radio for business, I don’t remember how many there are, but I’m guessing about 20+ in a lot of different genres. I pay 125$ a month.