Sauce Amounts

How much sauce should you use on a 12", 14" and 16" NY style thin crust pizza ? Seems like I always get too much or too little .

The answer that jumps to me when reading your question would be “the same amount every time” regardless of volume or weight. I use volume measures, and get 8 ounces on 16" pie . . . 5 ounces on 12" pie . . . . and 3 ounces on 10" pie. Doing the math, I’d put just over 6 ounces on a 14" pie in my kitchen.

We aren’t a classic NY style, but we do a hand tossed thinner crust kind of pizza. 23 ounces dough to a 16" pie.

It sounds like your question isn’t so much of how much to use, but instead, how to get the same amount on the pizza each time. We like to use ladels, or better yet, spoodles of the correct volume. If you want to know how much to use on the different size pizzas you make this is easily calculated by using our old friend “Math”. The first thing to do is to calculate the surface area of the diameter of the pizzas you want to make. Here are a few already done fo ryou: 8 " = 50; 10" = 78; 12" = 113; 14" = 154; 16" = 201 If you need a different size just use Pi (3.14 X radius (half of the diameter) squared (multiply the radius by itself). So for an 18 inch pizza it would look like this: 3.14 X 81 = 254 Now, pick any size and put some sauce on it. When you have the amount of sauce that works best for you determine the weight of the sauce and divide it by the surface area of the pizza that you used it on. Lets say you used a 12 inch pizza and found that 6 ounces of sauce worked best for you. Divide 6 by 113 = 0.0530973 (ounce of sauce per square inch of surface ares. Now, just multiply 0.0530973 by the surface area of the next size and you will have the correct amount of sauce to use on that size. Lets say you wanted to find the amount of sauce to use on your 16 inch pizza. Miltiply 0.0530973 by 201 (this is the surface area of the 16 inch pizza) and you get 10.84 (round it off to 11 ounces.) This works wel for figuring the amount of cheese to use too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

another factor is the thickness of the sauce
I use about 3.5 ounce of sauce on my 14" pizza
when I made my sauce thinner, I think I used a little more weight

hope that helps,