Sauce going solid

Should I also let the miture cool first before adding to my sauce?

We carmelize our garlic by putting it in a pan and running it through the oven twice before adding it to the sauce. No issues ever and the flavor is quite nice. If your garlic is packed in water, you will need to add a small amount of oil.

Regarding garlic: are you using granulated, chopped in water/oil or whole cloves that your chop yourself?

We have always used granulated and I was wondering if switching to the chopped garlic in oil would be a noticeable difference in the flavor profile.

All my seasoning are dry packed nothing fresh…I know thats a mistake but we love are seasoning, puts a good kick to the sauce, not to sweat and not to spicey. So should I let the mixture cool before adding to sauce, and will it change the integrity of my sauce ?

There is no need to wait for the seasoning mixture to cool before adding it to the sauce, just pop it out of the microwave and stir into your sauce.
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor

We use chopped garlic in oil.

We use chooped garlic in oil.[/quote

Roughly how much chopped garlic do you use per #10 can of sauce?

Our sauce receipe is four #10 cans. We use 4oz of chopped garlic.

The primary advantage of granulated garlic products is more even distribution through the liquid product. There is a trade-off in that the fresh garlic has a sharper, more ‘green’ flavor people come to associate with garlic. We choose the granulated.

I heated my seasoning packed and to much of my suprise it worked. NO JELLING ON SAUCE. after sitting 24hrs, even 3 days later. THANKS to all great advice :slight_smile:


You all hit it right on the head. Sometimes garlic suppliers may get it from a differnt source without the change being apparent to you in the kitchen. It can be frustrating. FYI - here is a link to another description of what
is happening. … ng-gelling

Steve Rouse
Stanislaus Food Products

When you heat the garlic, be sure to heat it to at least 180F to ensure that you have deactivated the enzymes in the garlic. Keep in mind that onion will do the same thing too, so ditto for any onion that you might add to your sauce.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor