Sauce Help Please

A friend of mine makes the sauce for our shop. It is a recipe that he came up with about 15 years ago when we started selling pizza at a small cafe. Fast forward a bunch of years and he is selling me his sauce already made for about double what i can make it for. I know what sauce base he uses but dont know the spice additions. We have tried to duplicate it with many tests in our kitchen but can’t seem to match it up. It is a sauce that has made us highly successful, so I need to know how to go about finding out what he puts in there. I can buy the recipe for thousands of $$ but obviously want to exhaust all possibilities before doing so. How would you guys go about analyzing the sauce…

so you would rather spend $$ analyzing his sauce then just giving him his just reward?

No money involved. We have committed to Sysco to supply the sauce base once we get it perfected, so they are giving us free sauce base during the testing. Only cost involved is my time and some spices. I understand what your saying, but if I can save 10-15 grand with a little due diligence, then I;m gonna do it, and I’m sure you would too.

i agree with redbarn,if you have prospered from the sauce,then why dupe him in the end.try to negotiate or let it go

Well, without going into detail because it is his personal life, the guy who has the recipe has gone away for awhile (if you get my drift). So there really isnt a possibility for negotiation now. That isnt the point of the thread, just wondered if there were any experts in the field that might know how to analyze flavors and taste.

All I can recommend is finding a food lab that does analysis to send a sample to. A few hundred bucks, and you should get close.

Or make a new sauce that gets in the neighborhood of the same profile. The hard reality may be that you aren’t going to get more sauce or the recipe. Heck, a contract to pay him some amount over time would be better than a lump sum up front.

Work out a sale agreement with his attorney or find a new sauce . . . . these are my suggestions.

Can you find our where he makes the sauce - then have a private investigator use secret spy techniques to watch (physically or via video) him make the sauce.

If that doesn’t work, you might find some ex-spook who can “extract” the needed information from him, if you know what I mean :shock:

Nick, thanks for the comments;
for everybody else, I’ll make sure I don’t ask next time. Sounds like you are all to successful for me to be talking to.

there is a lab that tom was talking about in another spot.they will do it but you have to buy it from them,cant remember the topic

I can’t believe you would even pay someone for a sauce! Go get 1 case Stanislaus fully prep pizza sauce,add 5 cans of H20 mix well.Believe it or not IT WORKS! these fully prep sauces have been tested and proved for many,many years. Hope this saves you a lot of $$ Niccademo

I think the issue for the original poster is trying to replicate the sauce she currently uses. She has already been testing new formulations, and wants to get HER sauce recipe. The stanilaus products will very definitely serve her well, but I don’t know if it will replicate the sauce she uses.

I wonder if they can analyze the sauce sample for her . . . . .