Sauce Mixer

We currently mix our sauce with a wisk, which of course lead to inconsistencies when an employee gets lazy.
I have seen some people use this on a drill, however I could see my health code having a problem with this. How are you guys mixing.


Lloyd Pans makes an attachment for your drill designed specifically for mixing sauce, and it’s health department friendly too. There might be some others providing them too, but this is the one I’m most familiar with.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

You guys are crazy! use your dough mixer with a wisk, lol

our 60 quart will hold 9 cans sauce and 6 cans water, mix for 5 minutes and its perfect overtime

Using the wire whip on your mixer does work well if you have a thin sauce but if your sauce is chunky the whip will quickly capture all of the larger pieces of tomato for easy removal which may not be exactly what you want to do…been there, done that. Also, if you happen to have a tin-plated bowl as opposed to a stainless steel bowl you do not want to mix sauce in that bowl as the acidity will remove any oxidation from the tin plating resulting in a shiny bowl and a metallic tasting sauce.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

And then the sauce has to be transferred out of a heavy 60qt bowl and the bowl need to be cleaned. I will stick to the drill thank you.

Agreed! We mix with a drill right in the five gallon bucket. Nothing to clean up except the drill attachment. No pouring. Snap on the lid and put it in the cooler until needed.

Our sauce is made in a VCM so it’s all mixed as well. Pours right out when done.