Sauce on pizza crust

Hi guys,

I’m trying to resolve an issue I have with my pizza sauce ending up on the crust of my pizza and blackening/darkening the crust. The taste is fine but I can already foresee complaints from some customers and would like to resolve this before opening. I’m using an impingement oven BTW. Any help would be appreciated.

This is the pizza before going into the oven

Do you know what top fingers are open/closed? the 2 in the middle should be closed

Are you creating an edge on the crust? or are you just flatting the whole dough?

Make sure the sauce is flat at the edge. If it raised at the edge, half will move in, and half will move out.

It looks like a half inch border. I would move it back to 1 inch.

Get this ring for your pizza, the picture in the middle

The top fingers are all open but good idea. I’ll have to look into closing the 2 middle ones.

I open the dough by hand and leave a 1/2inch edge by the time I’m done shaping it. I’m not the best at opening doughs yet so I figured this might be the problem. But no matter what I do to adjust the flattening and edge stretching, it seems to end like this.

The sauce is spread out until it reaches the 1/2 inch edge. I’ll try saucing and leaving a 1 inch edge. Thank you!

can you show a pic of just dough and sauce?

We leave the sauce about 1" from.edge but make sure cheese goes to 1\2".


The best way to fix this is to have your cheese extend past your sauce. We use sauce rings and leave the sauce about 1/2" short of the ring and then put the cheese all the way out to the ring.
Pizza Sauce cheese ring- for portion control of pizza toppings are the rings we use.

Here is another photo from a test I just did. I usually just spread the sauce right up against the raised edge.

I did as suggested and spread the sauce a 1/2inch from the raised edge and cheese right at the raised edge and the result was no more sauce on the crust.

Thanks everyone!

Great. I asked you to post a pic with just sauce, cause I thought you may have also been using to much sauce, but it looks good.

It looks more like you have a high sugar content in your flour. Look at your recipe first.

Wish those rings had a 20" option