Sauce - Oregano & Mixing


Q1: We have never used dried oregano or for that matter any oregano in our sauce. I have always felt the missing ingredient would help our sauce immensely, but was told years ago that dried oregano is what gives you the feeling of acid-flex or “pizza-gut”. I’ve tried it in our sauce and yes, it tastes better but does give the “pizza-gut” feeling. So, any other believers in this and are you using fresh oregano in replace of?

Q2: We currently use a drill and pain mixer to mix our sauce in a 5-gallon bucket. Works well. But, with adding a few more ingredients like fresh oregano and fresh garlic, considering an emersion mixer. Anybody use one for their sauce? Don’t want to over-liquify our sauce.

Garlic in pizza sauce is what bloats you, not oregano

And Immersion blender… no way. The way you do it is the best

We use an emersion blender for both marinara and pizza sauce. Works just fine for us

Personally i love a spicy sauce.
That thin layer of a game changing step is high on my list.

The sauce is the main player in the direction you take your pies