sauce question

Hey everybody,
Made my sauce, same as usual…but taste kind of tangy? Any ideas?


sitting out in the heat too long?

Bad tomato as in “it was bad when I got it”. I use stanislaus and have never had a problem with them.

whatever the reason… toss it. If it doesn’t taste like ‘your sauce’ get rid of it.

Aluminum somehow cxame in contact with it? Dented can(s) were used (potential infection/intoxication)?

Agree with above. Pitch it . . . not worth the risk.

dented cans equals potential botulism… not good not good at all.

what’s your basic recepie? do you cook your sauce? use fresh spices?

Take a look in the RECIPE BANK. I’ve got a good one posted in there and a lot of others have posted sauce recipes/formulas in there too. Forget about cooking the sauce. It just reduces the flavor, opens things up for potentially scorching the sauce, and it erodes time off of the 4-hour rule. The sauce will be cooked on the pizza as it bakes, releasing all those great flavore at a time when your customer(s) can enjoy them.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor