how do you guys sauce yours?
do you dip in a bucket?
or pour on and shake (thats what I do.)
not sure uts the best though

Most pizzerias in WNY use a large bucket.Add medium and if you want hot add franks and mild add butter or substitute.Give them a good shake.

We got large stainless mixing bowls, add wings, squirt on sauce and toss to coat. Takes a little practice to get the right flipping action, but it works well when you get the knack.

Right now at my store we use little poly containers and shake them up, but I like the idea of using stainless steel bowls. it works better, especially for chicken tenders. that’s one of the changes I would like to implement.

I got my stainless bowls at a restaurant supply in Atlanta for about $3.25 for a 6 quart bowl . . . something like that. The prices are insanely cheap, anmd the bowls will hold up forever. Added bonus is cleanability and multi-tasking. Plastic containers tended to grab the sauce too much for me, and tended to crack too easily. Steel has been my friend. We can afford one bowl for each flavor we toss and still have spares.

I tend to use a similar method to Nick. Though not a pizzaioli at the moment, I sell more than my share of wings via the campus catering kitchen that I run.

I use a plastic bowl (simply because we have hundreds of them) that is about 20 inches across. We do have issues with cracking from time to time…but our company (Sodexho…yay for corporate dollars eh?) has the bowls on a purchasing rotation anyway…so breaks are expected. One simply needs to practice getting the toss down…pretend that it is a large saute pan and use a similar motion.

Using this method, you must be careful to not over-sauce, as it will assuredly come soaring out of the bowl onto A) you B) your makeline or C) your floor.

This way you do not contaminate more sauce than needed with the meat juices, and therefore eliminate waste while doing so.


We have a plastic container of sauce. Toss in a portion of wings and pull out with tongs. Every Sunday we toss out the sauce that is left and start a new container.

hello red,we use stainless steel bowls also, this is hands down the best way to’ll use less sauce do to no sticking to the bowls,faster to expedite,and seconds to clean and use for multiple other things and then at end of night they are extremely stackable.Need any other reasons?


tested the stainless steel bowls and think that is the way to go,
thanks guys