sauces ?

what is the best way to do sauce red,alfredo,pink? do you guys make big batches? make it when ordered?make enough just for that day? thanks

We make our standard pizza sauce in five gallon batches. When we are busy that means about 6-8 batches a day. It keeps in the walkin for days and gets better as the spices marinate. We do do an alfredo but we do our white sauce by the pizza.

Think of lasagna – it’s always better the day after it’s made. You’re using DRY spices and they have to get re-hydrated first and properly dispersed second.

I believe you need to use most anything except aluminum to store the sauce due to the acidic content of the tomatoes.

Make your red sauce (assuming you’re not using heat, which Lehmann specifically warns against using heat due to loss of flavor and aroma) today, and use it starting tomorrow. Toss it in the walk-in cooler immediately. Mix again tomorrow, to more evenly disperse the spices. I think 5 days is about the max I would hold sauce.

I’ve never seen a quality homemade alfredo sauce work well with re-heating. Once the sauce cools down, it literally divides up into creme, butter, and parmesan. Perhaps reheating it and remixing it will work, but I’ve never tried it in batches, only in doggy-bags (which didn’t work at all).

We do 12 #10 can batches of red sauce.

We do the white sauce in what amounts to 1 1/2 1/2 pan Cambro containers.