Saucy Question

I opened a small take away and delivery place in Ireland a couple of months ago. We have an ok peoduct at the moment but I am passionate about being the best we can be.

Currently we buy in a Plain Pizza Sauce and add a couple of things to it, it is nice and we havn’t had any complaints but I would like it to be better and feel that we are “cheating” by using something so simple.

What do most people do, Take away pizza in Ireland is mainly dominos and Papa Johns and this type of sauce is what people seem to prefer.

Any tips or recipes would be greatly appreciated.

Little Z

Be careful screwing with something that works. Customers look for consistency.

You could develope you own sauce and offer a choice between what you are using now and the new sauce to see what people prefer then go with the most popular choice. This would avoid the pitfall that Charles is concerned about.

I personally use a combination of 2 Stanislaus products and add my own spices for a simple but very tasty sauce that takes about 5 minutes to make.