Sausage and canadian bacon

Just wondering what kind/from what vendor of sausage and canadian bacon everyone uses?

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We used to cure and smoke our own canadian bacon in-house, but we went to some mediocre chopped, & formed into a tube stuff.
This happened because I got in a pinch when we had some Canadian bacon go out of date, I still had 3-4 days of curing time left before I could smoke it, so I had my meat supplier sent us a stick, I was not pleased that it was a chopped & formed product, Surprisingly everyone loved it. So we stuck with it. The brand is “Hof Haus”

Italian Sausage we get 60# cases of fresh “Pork Picnic Trim” and grind our own sausage. We are limited on suppliers in my neck of the woods, so every other pizza place around here uses the same product and it is hard to tell pizzas apart from place to place.

Sometimes we forget, it is not what we like. It is what the majority of our customers prefer that makes us money.

We use bulk sausage, frozen raw in 5lb bags from a somewhat local place through Restaurant Depot. We thaw it, pinch it onto a sheet pan and bar bake it for 5 mins in the pizza oven. Just enough to make it easier to handle than raw sausage, but not enough that it’s over cooked after 10 mins baked on a pizza. We don’t use Canadian bacon. We just use the Virginia ham we use for our subs and dice slices of it for pizza.

I have the same issue with our hoagie subs. They’re the JTM, super processed, frozen meat-ish patty. I took them off the menu because I think they’re disgusting. But people just kept on and on asking for them so I brought them back. We sell quite a few of them and they’re profitable. But they’re the only thing on my menu I can’t stand behind the quality of. I’ve had people ask me if I would recommend it and I’m honest. I say I think they’re gross, but we sell a lot of them, so it must just be me.

I use Wilson brand Pork roll, and Fontanini Italian sausage

Grind from scratch using pork cushion meat, on the lean side for sausage but doesn’t shrink for sausage