sausage roll vs stromboli

anyone know the difference between a sausage roll and a stromboli?

What is a sausage roll?

i always thought stromboli and rolls had no ricotta just mozz unlike calzones which have both

i would think besides shape they would be the same…sausage and mozz

Well, from what I have observed . . .

Calzones: Traditionally has ricotta and is made by folding a pie over and crimping.

Rolls: No ricotta, and is rolled like a burrito. Spinach and pepperoni seem to be the most popular here.

Sausage Roll: I’ve seen linked sausage wrapped in dough like the way you get them at that Wetzel Pretzel place. One particular place says they wrap it in a “pastry dough”. It could still be their pizza dough as I don’t see anything else on the menu that the pastry dough would be used for.

Stromboli is ham salami and pepperoni wraped in dough with just mozz…and our sausage rolls have sausage peppers and onions wrapped the same way…We also do them with spinach, brocoli, pepperoni, or chicken. or just about anything you would want in them. We sell about 10 a day

Great, someone who knows!
Now for the question and answer portion…

So a sausage roll is really a stromboli, except with sausage, onions and peppers, correct?

I assume we are talking precooked bulk sausage, not links. Are the onions and peppers sauteed/grilled?

So neither has sauce inside. Do you serve either with a side of sauce?

Is your spinach fresh and raw, cooked, or frozen?

When making either, I assume you roll out a dough ball, run the cheese and toppings down the middle, and fold over the two sides? Or do you roll over 1 side like a calzone. It seems when I roll the two sides over, thats too much dough on that side.

Do you brush the outside of either with butter before cooking?

Thanks for the help.

OMG Steve, I think I might actually be able to answer this being from the east coast. Little History 1st, I know and have worked with a guy in Jersey that has been in business since the early 70’s. His dad was straight from Italy, spoke no english, was what I understand an extremely recognized pizza maker/cook in Italy and came to America. Built his dream on .25 cents so to speak. Any whohow. to make a long story short…went to Jersey to work with Leo as I was invited to do so ( what another story this is, and if I am hard to follow here I apologise! Our Opening 1st day on Wednesday, so out of sorts at this time and I know you know what I mean here). Sausage roll vs. Stromboli…

Sausage Roll - take a 1/4 of your disk, stuff it with a link ( cut long ways in 1/2 is good) with peppers and onions, place it on the 1/4 disk roll the dough over it so both ends of the sausage, peppers, and onions are somewhat exposed ( did I say exposed…yes, I did…it’s the wine and freaking long days…but, loving it) and bake it. Maybe some oil on it to shine.

The difference, as I know it on the east coast, from Stromboli…and actually Calzone. ( I invite all to correct me with how they have seen and know it to be) A Stromboli… rolled and closed with slits…yes I said slits on top of JUST pepperoni and Mozz. Calzone…should have Ricotta, Mozz, and Ham. Variations over the decades have evolved, and it’s all good. OMG, I know the spelling is very very bad right now…Oh Well.

So I get lost in this stuff…but I have to have my daily does of all of you…no matter what state I am in…geeze. I am a walking zoombie, but it’s all worth it.

I can never ever make a long stroy short…sorry!

So, getting back to the sausage roll…1/4 disk, sausage, pepper, onions…shine and WALA.

Steve - sorry I never got back to ya…but, I value your input and assistance…and have put it somewhat into action…can’t wait for this to all, get started, calm down, so I can concentrate on my ####'s

Make no sence me,



take your dough ball…cut it into 1/4s pound it out into a decent size triangle…We use crumbled sausage(most people used sliced)…cooked green peppers and raw onion…cheese on the bottom and top roll and bake on an oiled pan…Served with a cup of marinara…it’s 4.50 but it looks like a 7$ meal. good luck

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anyone know the difference between a sausage roll and a stromboli?[/quote

creampuff was pretty from the east coast this is how i do it

sausage roll :1/2 link sausage with or w/o peppers,onions and some mozz. cheese roll up in dough.serve with marinara sauce

stromboli : a piece of dough filled with just about anything you want. mostly pepperoni/prov. cheese,sausage cheese,cheese steak the list is endless. make sure after you roll it put seam side down and put slits in top so it doesn’t explode in the oven. oh yeah brush top with milk or eggs

so a sausage roll is pretty small, like the size of a hotdog?
how much do you charge, compared to say a small pizza or a sandwich?

thanks for the help.

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Hey Thaks Joe :wink:

sausage roll 4.50
stromboli 5

Thanks for help with the description on the Sausage Roll. I might have a look at that as a quick to-go item. Anyone make them up and keep them in the warmer like a slice? Maybe sell wrapped in foil?

We do Stromboli and Cazones as follows: (we sell both of them for about $9-12 depending on how many toppings are inside) They are huge.

Stromboli: take a 12" doughball (10oz for us), toss out to 14" and trim back to 12" to get it thinner, put whatever toppings you want plus pepper rings and mozz across the middle, roll it closed with the ends folded into the roll so it is closed at the ends. Put slices in the top, bake like a pizza, brush with garalic butter, sprinkle with basil and parm, send it out with sauce on the side.

Calzones: Start with the dough like a strombili 12" tossed to 14" and trimmed, put whatever toppings you want plus riccotta and mozz inside, fold over to half moon shape, roll the edges closed, two slices on top, bake and finish like the Strombili described above.

I like the sound of the sausage roll as a quick to grab lunch item for $4-5 if they would keep for a while.

they are kept out with the slices. stack them up on a tray leave them out on the could also try pepperoni bread.same amount of dough 8-10 oz roll out in a rectangle lay a layer of prov cheese then a generous layer of pepperoni.tuck the dough and roll up seal the seam and ends.seam side down cut slits brush with egg.people go crazy for it. you can serve it whole or slice the loaf for them in 2" slices and serve on plate.