Saveing a lot of money on your gas bill

Hi Guys;

I have been communicating with a company that produces a super powerful set of magnets that they state will reduce gas consumption on any appliance when strapped to the gas line.

A lot of people are very skeptical of this concept. So the manufacturer is trying to find a reputable agency that can conduct a test of their product.

The manufacturer has started a discussion on this forum titled GOT ANY IDEAS HOW TOTEST SAVINGS
You may fin the discussion interesting

George Mills

I agree with what @tguag said in the other thread, do a beta test in a pizzeria! Let someone try it free with the understanding that they will give feedback on how it works.

Another option would be to give it to a pizzeria and let them pay back just the amount of money that they saved until the thing is paid off. This is what some companies do who come in and promise to save you a lot of money on winterizing or putting in more efficient lighting. If the client is REALLY going to save money with this, then it’s a win/win for both sides.