Saving Money on Pizza Boxes!!

I read this artical on PMQ from Correll Concepts and it made me wonder why more places don’t save money on their boxes…

Rolf Wilken, owner of 17 Eureka! Pizza locations in and around Arkansas, switched from B-flute boxes to E-flute and saved over $100,000 dollars in packaging. “Each of our locations sells an average of 2,300 pizza per week,â€

The perception of quality may be one reason to stay with B-flute boxes. The flimsy E-flute boxes portray a cheap product and may likely leak grease onto someones kitchen table(I can personally attest to this from a recent Hungry Howies order that left me needing to refinish mine). We use custom printed B-flutes and still use stackers with big orders. I can’t imagine using E-flutes for these orders. Seems like it would take three stackers per box to keep them from crushing

Wow. You needed to refinish your table because of that pizza? There must have been some sort of chemical or something in the pizza in order to do that sort of damage to your table. Did you request some sort of compensation from the store?

Both the heat and grease ruined part of the finish. I didn’t contact the store as I kind of looked at it as my fault.