SB Sunday

Welp, how was everyone’s Super Bowl Sunday?
Ours went bonkers crazy busy this year & it felt awesome. It seemed that a lot of my marketing really paid off. Both of our stores online orders were in record numbers! Sorry to sound braggy; it just feels great.
And also, all praise be to customers who pick-up instead of requesting delivery!!

Was good up until kickoff. Stayed steady then died off by halftime. All in all a better Sunday than our usual but yesterday took a hit bc of it. How was everybody’s Saturdays or Fridays?

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I brought in a bigger staff than I’ve ever had before for the hours around kickoff. While we did $1100 less for the day than last years Superbowl, we were staffed perfectly to maintain under 30 minute delivery times. I imagine my competition was extremely backed up and delivering at an hour plus. Our 15 drivers stayed busy and our 11 instore kept up with calls, carryouts and kept our three conveyor ovens full. All in all a great day. I wish they all could be Superbowl Sundays!

It was our busiest day in our history. We are in the LA area so we have a lot of Rams fans here, plus rain! It was the trifecta

friday was good, saturday was slow, sunday was double a normal sunday so I am not mad at it. Yeah, I had extra staff and drivers so everything went smoothly. Per usual it was all over by halftime.

It was crazy here in SoCal. $80 short of our record day and we actually closed up a little early because we ran out of cheese. My team crushed it though it couldn’t have ran smoother. Friday and Saturday were super busy as well. Our record week by $2k!

We had a strong hour and a half leading up to kick off but then died fast!

Finally an increase after decreased Super Bowl 3 years in a row. 4:3-7:30 was when it got busy, nothing we couldn’t handle though. Hardly anything after 8:30.

You guys are going to have the Super Bowl down in Miami next year, right?

Miami is 300 miles south of me so I don’t think it will have a whole lot of impact. When it was in Tampa(100 miles away) all of our hotels were full.

j_rokk, are you back in the pizza business? Good to hear from you.

And the media seems to think no one cares about the Rams in LA! Thats all I was continuously hearing about around here

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