Scale up

I have this recipe that makes one 16 crust. When I do pizza I make at least 3 16s so I doubled the recipe and it makes 3 16 at 17oz per ball. I like a thin crust.
What im wondering is am I scale it up correctly or is there some formula for bigger batches.

This is the stock recipe and yes I know its all in volume but I converted to weight.

2 t IDY
1 1/4 C water
2 t sugar (going to omit the sugar)
1 t salt
3 C flour
2 Tb oil

any help at all would be great. that last few batches I have made have been way to wet



You are better off working with weights rather than volumes for scaling purposes.

If you are using 1 1/4 cups of water for 3 cups of flour, you will get a very wet dough, with a hydration that is quite likely over 70%.


Yeah I noticed that I have converted to weight on the water and flour.

so I guess just play around till I find what I like. I thought I was a recipe on here for a .084 dough but cant find it.

thanks for the response.



There are some folks over at who are used to working with small amounts of dough based on volume measurements and who know how to work with baker’s percents and thickness factors.


you can make 10 doughballs at 17oz. with this recipe:

Put 8 cups of water in mixer
Add 1oz of cake yeast.
Add 2oz or 2.5oz of Extra Virgon Olive Oil
Mix with wisk.
Add 6lbs. of flour.
Mix for 3 minutes
Stop and spread 2oz of salt over dough.
Mix 1 minute.
Add 12oz of flour.
Mix 1 minute.
Add 2oz to 2.5oz of EVO.
Mix into ball.
Let sit for 5 minutes.
Make dough balls (put oil on top of each one) and put in cooler.
Cross stack for 45 min.
Cover completely for 3 days.
Thaw at room temp for 45 min.
Spread dough and bake.

you have 78% hydration. Why don’t you start with a known recipe?

come over to

this may also help a lot:

A $25 scale will help a lot. I like “MyWeigh 7001” - good for 15 pounds. Goes down to 1 gram.