I was wondering what scams any operators have experienced in thier lives as pizza shop owners. I would like to know so I could be on the look out. And also because its just amazing what people will come up with. I got two to start.

I got a post card once. On it was a message from a “customer” that went something like this.

Just wanted to say what a great time I had with my business party the other night. The food was great and the service spot on. The only slip up of the night was when your server (really, a lovely girl, totally a mistake on her part, spilt some red wine on a brand new white shirt. I had it dry cleaned and am forwarding a copy of it to you. I was hoping you would consider reimbursing me for the small charge.
Thanks for your time and I WILL DEFINATELY STOP BY next time im in town.

Joe Dickman

Ps: I am DREAMING about your Margharita pie every night!

Well, like a loser, I pay the enclosed $11 fee I saw on the “copy” of the bill. Well, about a month later I read an article in the paper about a scam artist who was doing the above and had been caught…AFTER he had scammed $37,000 from owners throughout New England!!! I thought it was pretty clever. It ain’t a big bill, it is courteous and complimentary…I great plan! Glad he got caught.

My second scam was courtesy of a bartender. He used to bring HIS OWN vodka into the restaurant. Vodka is the most popular liquor by far. So when every he was supposed to make a drink, he would use HIS bottle, which he placed on the well, and use MY mixers to make the drink with. He probably emptied the bottle every night! Figure it out. Nice take home. He never asked for the key to get more vodka, so we never grew suspicious like "He’s asking for a ton of vodka, but where is the income?? When we did inventory we were never SHORT liquor, we were always OVER. Eventually we snagged him with a camera. Pretty smart. He should use his brains doing something positive.

Well, those are a couple. I’d LOVE to hear more if you got em.

Well, the big one for me has been the TTD scam where they want extra cash for their “private Currier”. A couple local businesses fell for it last year. Whenever they call now, I tell them how excited I am to work with them, quote them $25 for a large 1 topping and then tell them either that they can pick it up at the local police dept. or that we will have an officer available to check their currier’s ID and the credit card number to be sure it isn’t stolen. The operators always seem amused and I’m sure they’re glad to get to real calls.

I would have to agree with Indie about about the TTD scams. I have had several of these same calls and have come to amuse myself toying with them for a minute or two before hanging up.

Another one I have encountered pertains to a phone book type company, Yellow Book or something along those lines. They send you a letter and asking you to “verify” your information for listing in their book by simply making any corrections to the listing and signing your name. Of course they have your business name listed slightly incorrect as to entice you to send it back. The small print in font size 4 on the back of the letter states that by signing and returning you agree to be billed $79 for a “premium listing”.

And perhaps the most annoying one since they call about once every 2 weeks is the Google calls. Someone claims to be from Google and would like to speak to the owner regarding the business listing and ensuring it is updated and available for everyone to see. They then ask you to verify your name, address, phone so “people can find you on the internet” to which I always tell them, I setup the Google Place page so I am certain it is correct! I’m not entirely sure how they would scam you out of money since I haven’t gotten more than a minute into the call, but I would have to guess after you verify the info, they ask for your credit card number for a premium listing or something along those lines.

Huh…I’ve heard about that scam, actually, both those. The currior one involves deaf people somehow, no?

I just remembered another one. Its not really a scam,meaning its not illegal, but you get a real imposing looking “government” letter. In it is says that you MUST hang employee rights posters in you place of business so the employees can know what their rights are. ANd these posters are avialable to buy from these guys and 89 bucks…and you will be prosecuted if you don’t hang em…well, these posters ARE available …FOR FREE, from your state government.

When I opened my first place, I thought I was being scammed when a guy came in and told me I had to pay for the “right” to play music in my place. $375!!! I later found out that its NOT a scam…boy was i ticked off.